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Duke students have a broad range of advising resources available to them.  As one of nearly 300 faculty and staff serving as college advisors within the advisor network, you play an essential role for new students—you welcome them to Duke's intellectual community, help them feel comfortable as they begin their journey, and assist them in thinking through many of the choices they will be making during their college years.


Training Videos

We now have several of our advisor training sessions on video. Our new videos include:

Convocation Videos & Slides

Videos and PowerPoint Slides of the 2017 Convocation of College Advisors are now available. To see these, please visit the Training Section of our site.

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This Advisor Resources site contains information for current College Advisors and members of the Academic Advising staff. Only those individuals may access the site using the NetID Login button at the bottom of this page.

If you are an advisor trying to connect to other advisors, please see the Advisor Directory.